CPG Research Fellows

H. E. Kasit Piromya

Senior Research Fellow/ Former Thai Foreign Affairs Minister

H.E. Yukihisa Fujita

Distinguished expert board member/ Former State Minister of Finance, Japan

Dr. Warawit Kanithasen

Senior Research Fellow

H. E. Tomwit Jarnson

Senior Research Fellow/ Ambassador (ret.)

Dr. Christopher Ankersen

Senior Research Fellow/ Center for Global Affairs, New York University

Prof. Dr. Bartosz Makowicz

Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Law, European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder)

Dr. Paul Chambers

Senior Research Fellow, Institute of South East Asian Affairs, Faculty of Law, Chiang Mai University

Prof. Dr. Miroslaw Wyrzykowski

Senior Research Fellow, Director of the Centre for Human Rights, Faculty of Law, Warsaw University

Dr. Michael Nelson

Senior Research Fellow

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jean Jonathan Bogais

Senior Research Fellow, The University of Sydney (Adjunct)

Hon. Slavica Banic

Senior Research Fellow, former Judge of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia

Jan Kliem

Research Fellow