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East Asia

China: European Parliament calls for sanctions of the European Council against Chinese human rights abusers

Japan: Ruling LDP loses lower house by-elections

Japan: Education ministry plans to reform elementary school teaching system

South Korea: Protest rally against Moon administration

Taiwan: KMT eyes waiver of party membership rules to pave way for the country’s wealthiest man’s presidential bid

South Asia

Sri Lanka: Suicide bomb attacks kill hundreds in churches and hotels

India: Chief Justice criticized for handling of sexual harassment allegations against himself

India: Election’s second phase kicked off as vote-buying allegations emerge

Bangladesh: Protests after the death of a student for reporting sexual abuse

Bangladesh: 3% conviction rate in cybercrime

Nepal: New Maoist conflicts and a slowdown in federalization

Southeast Asia

Indonesia’s polls unofficial results show Widodo and his coalition in lead

Singapore: Finance Minister named as Deputy PM  

Singapore : Reflections on Asia’s most recent Anti-Fake News Bill 

Thailand: New National Intelligence Act 

Myanmar: Supreme court rejects Reuters’ reporters appeal

Myanmar: Over 9000 prisoners released under Thingyan Amnesty

IR & Geopolitics

China: Show of force at navy’s 70th anniversary celebration

China opposes US stop of sanction waiver for buyers of Iranian oil  

China advances in rivaling US Global Positioning System (GPS) 

India suspends cross-border trade with Pakistan in Kashmir 

Ongoing confusion about corruption allegations surrounding French-Indian jet deal 

Indian-Vietnamese military ties further deepened in joint exercise

Malaysia: Government agrees to revive China-backed Bandar Malaysia project 

Thailand to sign cooperation agreement on Railway Connecting Line with China and Laos; Myanmar sees protest against China-backed Myitsone mega-dam project  

Indonesian MoD signs contract with South Korea for three more submarines  

Rodolfo Severino, former ASEAN secretary-general, passes away at 82

Asia in Review Special Feature: Eurasia’s Geopolitical Outlook for 2019

Asia in Review brings you this analysis by Henning Glaser of the geopolitical landscape from West Europe to Northeast Asia as an increasingly integrating ‘supercontinent’ Eurasia


The Venezulean Crisis and Its Eurasian Implications

Henning Glaser, Director, German-Southeast Asian Center of Excellence for Public Policy and Good Governance (CPG)

One Belt One Road and its Strategic Implications

Major General (ret.) Ashok Hukku, former Chief Military Intelligence Advisor in the Cabinet Secretariat at New Delhi, India

US–Taiwan–PRC Relations: A brief history of US policy towards Taiwan

Jan Kliem, Senior Program Officer and Researcher, German-Southeast Asian Center of Excellence for Public Policy and Good Governance (CPG)

White Warships, Little Blue Men, and Looming Conflict in the East China Sea – China’s “Short, Sharp War” For The Senkakus

James E. Fanell, Government Fellow at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP), and Kerry K. Gershaneck, Senior Research Associate, German-Southeast Asian Center of Excellence for Public Policy & Good Governance




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