We have an important update regarding CPG’s German language courses.

After careful consideration and feedback from our customers, we have decided to conclude our established German course offerings. Moving forward, we will still offer German language courses for interested communities, focusing instead on tailor-made German courses for specific target groups on demand.

Why the change❓
Essentially, our decision to conclude the general course program stems from the fact that we cannot justify subsidizing a program under the conditions of tightening funding and declining demand. Instead, we are prioritizing our core activities and services while retaining a tailor-made, on-demand program for specific users.

Schedule a Consultation: For everyone interested in our tailor-made German language program, please contact our team to schedule a consultation via email at venus.phuangkom@cpg-online.de. Together, we’ll assess your learning needs and design a personalized course tailored to your preferences (prices will be determined after we figure out your needs).

Kind regards,
Your Language Learning Team 📚🇩🇪