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Europe in Review

About the forthcoming Europe in Review

The forthcoming Europe in Review (‘EiR’) is an innovative multimedia platform developed in recognition of the growing demand for an unmitigated and balanced picture of the issues, events, and forces shaping the European continent.

An independent, nonpartisan information hub, the platform will comprise of four information channels:

  1. Europe Monthly,
  2. Europe in Depth,
  3. Europe Forum, and
  4. an Archive.

Together, they aim to connect people, and to connect people with a rich stream of current and trusted information on constitutional politics, human rights, national and collective security and defense, international relations, European governance, and geopolitics.

The regional focus of EiR is broadly conceived, comprising the European Union and its member states, as well as countries seen as forming the European periphery, including Russia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan. Entries therefore focus on domestic as well as European issues including related perspectives on issues of global concern.

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Behind Europe in Review

Operationally, EiR is an independent publisher, with editorial centres in Warsaw and at CPG. These working professionals are supported by a team of editors, volunteers, and contributors, who contribute remotely from locations across the world.

The platform is maintained by CPG in cooperation with the Asian Governance Foundation (‘AGF’) and supported by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V., Foundation Office Thailand.

Internship & Volunteering opportunities

Are you interested in the intersecting field of law and politics and want to help producing an unmitigated and balanced picture of the issues, events, and forces shaping Europe? There are plenty of ways you can get involved with us!

If you would like to intern with us, we encourage you to read through this page.

If you would like to volunteer with us, click here to learn about the roles you may take on.

All Editions

Editorial Team


  • Mr. Henning Glaser (hg)

Deputy Editors-in-Chief:

  • Dr Quincy Cloet (qc)
  • Mr. Peter Kononczuk (pk)


Mr. Warren Ó Broin (wb), Ms. Imogen Groves (ig), Ms. Ivandzhelin Bozadzhieva (ig), Ms. Karina Nikole Corral (kc), Ms. Marlene Marx (mm), Ms. Palina Mizhyieuskaya (pm), Ms. Romesa Razzaq (rr), Mr. Emiljano Cera, Mr. Eric Kliszcz (ek), Mr. Nick Pentney, Mr. Samuel Dempsey (sd)