(zf) After securing a strong majority in the country’s parliamentary elections last week, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih doubled down on his bid to end corruption, especially in regards to a policy shift on the handling of Chinese investment money. The issue of corruption had become an important litmus test for candidates during the last election cycle after charges of money laundering were handed down to former president Yameen several months ago. [Maldives Independent]

While the landslide victory secured by Solih’s Maldivian Democratic Party (MLD) gives them a clear mandate to re-tool policy vis-à-vis Beijing, ex-president and MLD stalwart Mohamad Nasheed said this week that the Chinese relationship will continue to be a priority despite the proposed rebalance to India. Historically, the Maldives prioritized its relationship with India, no doubt in large measure due to its close proximity. However, under Yameen the relationship strained significantly. With the strong parliamentary majority, normalizing the relationship with Delhi will likely be a top-tier foreign policy goal. [The Print]