CPG Constitutional Law Series

on the occasion of the

75th anniversary of the German Basic Law

online via Zoom video conferencing


75 years ago, on May 23, 1949, the German constitution, widely known as Basic Law, entered into force. After its passage in the Parliamentary Council on May 8, the occupying Western Allies of World War II approved the Basic Law, followed by its promulgation as the constitutional foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany consisting of the former occupation zones of the USA, the UK, and France.

Initially thought to serve as a provisional constitutional framework until the hoped-for German reunification. The Basic Law quickly proved its quality as the constitutional foundation while the Cold War pushed unification far to the future. As the Basic Law served well as the supreme law of the land, it has maintained this role for the entire German state after the eventual re-unification in 1991. It has been and continues to be recognized as a mainstay of democratic governance, the rule of law, and human rights protection in Germany. Outside Germany, it has inspired and referenced as a source for the development and creation of constitutions in many countries around the world.

To celebrate the Basic Law’s 75th anniversary, CPG is preparing a series of online events as part of the “CPG Constitutional Law Series” to explore and discuss some of the many facets of the Basic Law including:

  • The German Basic Law: Historical origins, core ideas, developments, and current challenges
  • The Concept of Human Dignity in the Basic Law
  • The Protection of the Parliamentary Minority in the Basic Law
  • The Role, Function, and Power of the German Constitutional Court
  • The Principle of Proportionality in German Fundamental Rights Adjudication
  • The Concept of Militant Democracy in the German Basic Law
  • The German Basic Law and its Influence on Constitutionalism in Asia

Stay tuned for more details to follow soon and join us in exploring the German Basic Law and its enduring impact on democracy, freedom, and the rule of law in the heart of Europe and beyond.