CPG German Language Classes

CPG would like to announce the selected participants of German Language Classes 2018/1. Please have a look at the lists below for each of the courses. CPG staff will directly contact the selected participants and provide the relevant details.

Click here for this semester’s class schedule (PDF).

Persons who have not been selected this semester can apply again in the second round 2018/2. The respective announcement will be published on our website as well as on Facebook.

For more information: office@cpg-online.de (Khun Nee).

A1.1 Rangsit

A1.1 Tha Prachan

A1.1 Tha Prachan

A1.2 Rangsit

A2.2 Tha Prachan

B1.1 Tha Prachan

B2 Tha Prachan