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German Language Courses at CPG

  • 35 hrs. of German language class
  • Learning with highly qualified lecturers
  • A great chance to broaden personal connectivity to study or work in Germany.


Tuition Fee

The course fee is 2,490 THB. CPG will offer assistance in purchasing the book (s). However, shipping the book(s) is only possible within Thailand. (The book fee and delivery fee are not included in the tuition fee).

Available Courses

Schedule for Semester 3/2023


  • Application Period: 11 April – 28 May 2023 
  • German Language Course for Weekday (Tue& Thu): 6 June – 20 July 2023
  • German Language Course for Weekend (Sun): 11 June – 23 July 2023


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 Criteria for Certification: 1. Pass 60% of the learning result 2. Attend 90% of the course.

Depending on enrollment, classes may be offered both on-site (Thammasat University, Tha Pra Chan Campus) and online. In the case of insufficient enrollment, CPG reserves the right to change course schedules as well as postpone or cancel courses. Participants will be notified of the outcome via email of their applications prior to the first day of the class.

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Schedule for Semester 4/2023


  • Application Period: to be announced 
  • German Language Course for Weekday (Tue& Thu): 8 August – 21 September 2023
  • German Language Course for Weekend (Sun): 6 August – 24 September 2023


Schedule for Semester 5/2023


  • Application Period: to be announced 
  • German Language Course for Weekday (Tue& Thu): 10 October – 23 November 2023
  • German Language Course for Weekend (Sun): 8 October – 26 November 2023



Participants will be notified of the outcome via email of their applications prior to the first day of the class.

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Why should you learn German?

The German language, spoken by over 130 million people worldwide, is an important language for several reasons:

Economic Opportunities: Germany is the largest economy in the European Union and one of the world’s leading exporters. German is the official language of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and is widely used in business, trade, and technology sectors. Knowing German can open up career opportunities in these countries and provide an edge in the competitive job market.

Cultural Enrichment: German language and culture have a rich history and have made significant contributions to literature, music, philosophy, art, and science. Familiarity with the German language can provide a deeper understanding of the works of famous German-speaking writers like Goethe, Kafka, or Nietzsche, and enable you to appreciate the richness of German culture and heritage.

Travel and Tourism: Germany is a popular travel destination, known for its picturesque landscapes, historic landmarks, and vibrant cities. Knowing German can enhance your travel experience by allowing you to communicate with locals, navigate transportation, and immerse yourself in the local culture. German is also spoken in neighboring countries like Austria, Switzerland, and Luxembourg, making it useful for travel across Central Europe.

Education and Research: Germany is renowned for its excellent higher education system and is home to many prestigious universities offering top-quality programs in various fields. Knowledge of German can be an asset for students pursuing higher education in Germany, as many courses are taught in German. Additionally, German is widely used in scientific research and is considered a leading language in fields like engineering, medicine, and natural sciences.

Personal Growth: Learning a new language like German can be a challenging and rewarding experience. It stimulates cognitive skills, improves memory, and enhances problem-solving abilities. It also promotes cross-cultural understanding, fosters connections with people from different backgrounds, and expands your global perspective.

In conclusion, German is an important language with numerous practical, cultural, educational, and personal benefits. Whether you’re interested in business, travel, academia, or personal growth, learning German can open doors and provide you with a valuable skill that can enrich your life in various ways.

About Us

since 2009

CPG as a well-recognized bridge builder for academic and cultural exchanges between Thailand/Asia and Germany offers a German language class program that is especially designed to meet the needs of students, young professionals and everyone interested in German language and German culture.

Learning with our highly qualified lecturers from the German departments of the Faculty of Liberal Arts of Thammasat University, and other Thai universities will enable you to quickly advance your proficiency in German language.

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