CPG Summer Academy on Judical Review, International Treaty and Protection of Citizens’s Consititutional Rights in European and Asian Perspective 2013

3-7 July 2013, Faculty of Law, University of Jember


Dr. Duc Quang Ly, Project Manager CPG

“Constitution and Politics in European Law Perspective”

Assistant Professor Dr. Pokpong Srisanit, Thammasat University, Thailand

“Economic Analysis of Thai Criminal Law”

Associate Professor Narong , Thammasat University, Thailand

“Criminal Law and Human Rights in Thailand”

I Gede Widhiana S.,S.H.,M.H., Chairman of Anti Corruption Study Centre, Faculty of Law, The University of Jember

Indonesian Criminal Law

Prof. Rakpong Jaruprapa

“Interface Between European and World Trade Organization”

Pratiwi Puspitho Andini, S.H.,M.H.and Thai Professor

“Indonesian and Thai Economic Law”