German courses will be delivered online every Sunday (9.00 am – 3.00 pm/ Bangkok Time Zone: GMT+7)

The course fee is 99 euro for 70 hours, taught by German and Thai lecturers from the Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thammasat University, and many elite universities.

*The textbook  is not included in the price.

Classes will start on 15 August – 14 November 2021 (14 weeks)

Classes Level

 (Please note that the number and the level classes offered depend on the sufficient numbers of enrolled students)

– Intermediate B1.1

– Intermediate B1.2

– Upper Intermediate B2.1

– Upper Intermediate B2.2

– Advanced C1.1 

– Advanced C1.2


How to apply 

  • Completed the online form as following
  • Student list and class confirmation will be announced on July 28, 2021 via CPG website , Facebook Fanpage, and your e-mail

  • Applicants must pay a course fee of 99 euro during  29 July 2021 – 14 August 2021
  • Payment instruction and textbook details will be sent to your email

  • Submit the bill payment to E-mail: (confirmation will be responded within 3 days)

* Before applying, please read following remarks carefully.

  • The course fee will not be refunded in any case except CPG cannot open the class due to insufficient enrollment
  • Please provide a clear address in the form to avoid problems with book delivery.
  • CPG reserves the right to change course schedules as well as postpone or cancel courses in case of insufficient enrollment. Students will be notified prior to the start date and refunded within two weeks of the start date.
  • Successful applicants take a test to identify their class


Application Form

Interested students, please register here 

Links for ASEAN and Asian Students 

Intermediate B1.1 German Language Class

Intermediate B 1.2 German Language Class 

Upper intermediate B 2.1 German Language Class 

Upper intermediate B 2.2 German Language Class 

Advanced C1.1 German Language Class 

Advanced C1.2 German Language Class