CPG German Language Courses


CPG as a well-recognized bridge builder for academic and cultural exchanges between Thailand/Asia and Germany offers a German language class program that is especially designed to meet the needs of students, young professionals and everyone interested in German language and German culture.

Learning with our highly qualified lecturers from the German departments of the Faculty of Liberal Arts of Thammasat University, and other Thai universities will enable you to quickly advance your proficiency in German language.


German Language Courses at CPG

  • 35 hrs. of German language class
  • Learning with highly qualified lecturers
  • A great chance to broaden personal connectivity to study or work in Germany


Schedule for Semester 1/2023

German Language Course 1-2/2023 »Click to Apply«
  • Application 8 February – 16 March 2023
  • German Language Course for Weekday 28 March – 23 May 2023
  • German Language Course for Weekend 26 March –14 May 2023


German Language Course 1-1/2023
  • Application and Payment 22 December 2022 – 22 January 2023
  • German Language Course for Weekdays 31 January – 16 March 2023
  • German Language Course for Weekends 29 January – 12 March 2023


Maximum number of students for online course is 40 students per class. However, the actual amount is lower than 40.




Students can apply for the courses until 16 March 2023.

Classes may be offered both on-site (Thammasat University, Tha Pra Chan Campus) and online, depending on the number of enrollment. CPG reserves the right to change course schedules as well as to postpone or to cancel courses in the event of insufficient enrollment. Students will be notified prior to the first teaching date about the outcome of their application. 


Click to Apply

Apply until 14 March 2023



Level of German Language

A 1          Beginner                    A 2          Pre-intermediate                  B 1        Intermediate                  B 2       Upper Intermediate

C 1          Advanced                  C 2          Highly Competent


Test Your German Language Level 

If you would like to evaluate your German language skills, please click here 


Course Level and Book


A 1

A 1.1  Menschen A1 Chapter 1-12

A 1.2   Menschen A1 Chapter 13-24


A 2

A 2.1  Menschen A2 Chapter 1-12

A 2.2   Menschen A2 Chapter 13-24


B 1


B 1.1  Menschen B1 Chapter 1-12

B 1.2  Menschen B1 Chapter 13-24

B 2


B 2.1  Sicher B 2 Chapter 1-6

B 2.2  Sicher B 2 Chapter 7-12


C 1

C 1.1  Sicher C1 Chapter 1-6

C 1.2  Sicher C1 Chapter 7-12


CPG German language course criteria

1.Students must enroll the same level for an entire semester.

2.To receive CPG German language course certificate, students must

-Enroll the course for an entire semester.

-Can have only 2 absences for a semester.

-Students’ scores must pass score criteria.


Tuition Fee

The course fee is 2,490 THB . CPG will offer assistance in purchasing the book(s). However, shipping the book(s) is only possible within Thailand. (The book fee and  Delivery fee are not included in the course fee).


Application, Billing and Payment Information

1. Please use the link further above to apply for the class of your interest.

2. After the deadline for application, CPG will review the total number of applications per class to decide whether or not to open a class.

3. If you are admitted to a German language class, you will receive a confirmation email that will be sent to your email address. CPG reserves the right to postpone or cancel courses in the event of insufficient enrollment. If a class will not be opened for teaching, applications will be notified via email.

3. Accepted language students will receive an invoice attached to the confirmation email together with instructions for paying the invoice.

5. Only accepted students who have paid the program fee prior to the first day of teaching will be allowed to participate in the class.

If you have any inquiries about the program, please contact us:  office@cpg-online.de, Tel. 02-613-2971

Online Learning Application


(The zoom link to access the class will be sent to your email)