Good Governance in Southeast Asia: Unity in Diversity

15-16 February 2014, Phuket Rajabhat University, Phuket, Thailand

Jointly organized by Phuket Rajabhat University and Eastern Wisdom Development Institute


Termsak Chalermpalanupap, ASEAN Studies Centre, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore

Unity in Diversity and the Future of the ASEAN Political-Security Community”

Henning Glaser, German-Southeast Asian Center of Excellence for Public Policy and Good Governance, Faculty of Law, Thammasat University

“Evolution of the Thai Way: Layers of Constitutionalism in Thailand between Autochthon, Regional and Global Tendencies”

Greg Barton, School of Social and Political Inquiry, Faculty of Arts, Monash University, Australia

“Constitutional Democracy in Indonesia: Latest Developments, Current Challenges and Future Perspectives”

Bilveer Singh, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

“The Singapore Paradigm: Integrating Good Governance as Part of the Social-Political Compact”

Noor Sulastry Yurni Ahmad, Department of Anthropology and Sociology, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, University of Malaya, Malaysia

“Hegemony and Good Governance: The Challenge of Malaysian Democracy”

Iik Araffin Mansurnoor, Islamic State University Jakarta, Indonesia

Islamic Governance in Brunei: Concept, Transformation and Challenges”