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CPG offers a wide range of services to various stakeholders. Based on our mission, and thanks to our generous funding by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the German Foreign Office and Thammasat University, we are able to offer most of our services free of charge. Given our limited human resources, we must, however, be selective in engaging. If you are interested in requesting our services, just visit or contact us to find out what we can do for you.

For students, professionals, and scholars, we offer a number of academies and academic courses. Courses and academies are partly organized in the context of our integrated academic education approach to legal studies, and partly in the context of current and emerging special issues of interest.

More about CPG Academies and Courses:

CPG Academies

CPG Academies are mainly organized in Germany and Thailand, but also in other Southeast Asian or European countries such as Poland or Indonesia. We offer annual academies on German and European law as well as on Human Rights.

Our academies combine lecture, seminar, and workshop components. They are taught by renowned scholars and experienced practitioners, all of them experts in their respective fields. Academies focus on a specific topic and examine it from various angles in order to enable the participants to critically reflect what they have learned.


CPG Summer Academy

The CPG Summer Academy on German and European Law in Germany is organized once a year at one of the German partner universities: Goethe University Frankfurt, the University of Münster, or Passau University. The Summer Academy is taught in English; a full scholarship available. Summer Academy participants receive ECTS credit points.

Participants of this academy attend lectures on general and specific topics of German law as well as European law, taught by leading German law professors.

Besides the lectures, participants take part in a rich accompanying program including field trips to legal and political institutions such federal state legislatures, the European Central Bank, various courts, correction facilities, and local government units. Moreover, cultural visits and sightseeing trips further enrich the 10-day program.

Participants from Southeast Asia are eligible for a scholarship that covers the plane tickets to/from Germany, accommodations, and meals and transportation in Germany. Previously, successful candidates were selected from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and Vietnam.

The CPG Summer Academy is usually scheduled for the month of June. The call for applications for the corresponding scholarship is published at the beginning of each year.

More information: Past CPG Academies


CPG Academy on Human Rights

A second annual academy is the CPG Academy on Human Rights, which usually takes place in October or November in Thailand at Thammasat’s Faculty of Law. It is taught in English as well. This one-week to ten-days intensive course provides comprehensive and in-depth knowledge on a broad range of fundamental and current issues pertaining to the theory and practice of human rights and human rights defense.

Internationally recognized experts contribute with lectures, panel presentations, discussion rounds, and case presentations. The experts include scholars, experts from international human rights organizations, human rights-related state agencies, judges, and human right defenders such as lawyers, activists, and experts from non-governmental organizations.

Lectures and seminars cover topics such as:

• Fundamental concepts of human rights,
• Minorities and vulnerabilities,
• Human rights in country perspectives,
• Human rights defenders,
• Human rights in regional and global perspectives.

A cultural trip and sightseeing enrich the knowledge obtained during this program, as well. Partial scholarships that cover fees and meals are available.

This academy is suitable for students, young academics, and practitioners in human-rights related subjects and fields.

More information: Past CPG Academies


Other Academies

CPG also offers specially tailored academies and “Academies on Demand”, covering topics related to the following:

  • German and European law, politics, and history
  • Criminal law & procedure in comparative perspectives
  • International law & governance
  • Leadership & geostrategy
  • International human rights and humanitarian law
  • Security & development
  • Conflicts & violence, terrorism, peacebuilding, and negotiation
  • “Movie Seminars” pertaining to historical or contemporary movies on topics of CPG focus

More information: Past CPG Academies

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Participants of the CPG Summer Academy in Frankfurt 2014
The University of Münster, one of CPG’s partner universities
The logo of the CPG Academy on Human Rights 2016
Lecture at the CPG Academy on Human Rights

Courses in German Law

Within the curriculum of Thammasat’s Faculty of Law, our lecturers offer introductory and advanced courses on German law on both undergraduate and graduate level. These courses cover German public, private, and criminal law.

The courses in German law are conducted in English, while also introducing students to a few basic German terms.

In addition, we also offer extra-curricular classes on German law upon request, such as:

  • German Legal Methodology
  • Movie Seminar: Problems of Law and Justice in the Mirror of Movies

Learn more about the German political and legal system:

Courses in German public, private and criminal law
The German constitution “Grundgesetz”