CPG offers a variety of consultancy services to government agencies, international organizations, and the business community.

Based on the expertise of our members and affiliates, our services can include such diverse consultations as ad-hoc advice, strategic planning input for projects with partners, opinions on matters of law and politics, and developing and creating encompassing plans and strategies. CPG also facilitates contacts with experts in our network and other third parties.

Please note that many of our consultancy services are free of charge for public authorities in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries.

Below you can find some examples of our past consultancy work.

A main field of our consultancy work is situated in the area of law & policy reform. We are well aware of the demands and conditions in Southeast Asia and are able to provide suitable input drawing on our expertise in both Western and Southeast Asian law and governance.

We offer targeted, time sensitive information and conceptual ideas, tailored background, and feasibility assessments, as well as implementation and oversight strategies. Typical issues related to Legal & Policy Reform advisory services include procedural law, institutional design, substantial law, public law and policy, and criminal law. We are also able to provide or broker services on private and especially business law.


Cross-Cultural Compliance & Management

Cross-Cultural Compliance & Management form an especially important field of our efforts pertaining to law and policy. We advise on anti-corruption and compliance management in cross-cultural settings, to help minimize compliance risks for public and private entities in the region.

In Thailand, like in other Southeast Asian countries, addressing cross-cultural issues is a central requirement for an effective compliance management system, and for organizational success in general. Our approach on cross-cultural compliance transcends the conventional compliance approach: it defines new boundaries between the various disciplines involved to enable compliance with universalistic standards within the local setting, defined by its socio-cultural properties.

We consult businesses and public authorities in different formats and various applications in particular with support by the Viadrina Compliance Center, Europe University Frankfurt (Oder), and the Compliance Academy in Muenster.

Consulting and advising of public and private stakeholders
Advice on legal and policy reform
Cross-cultural compliance and anti-corruption

Program Design & Strategy Development

CPG advises on program and project design, as well as assessment, for a variety of partners. For Thai or other Southeast Asian institutions – governmental, non-governmental, or academic – we can assist free of charge with our expertise in developing programs and projects.

Our advice can pertain to academic cooperation, academic programs, and projects such as joint research or international conferences. Other examples include access to third party funding or general knowledge on how to build projects with respect to the demands of funders such as the United Nations or the European Union, including methods like Result-Based-Management (RBM).

We can help to design projects that focus on producing tangible and quantifiable results. In addition, we assist with approaching target groups and participating stakeholders and advise on proper risk analysis and risk management and on appropriate monitoring and evaluation procedures. Finally, CPG provides compliance training for project managers, project officers, and supporting staff.

We also offer partial or entire project development including baseline studies or fact-finding missions. Experience proves that program success is highly dependent on an accurate assessment of appropriately explored conditions that take into account legal, socio-economical, cultural and financial aspects. Based on our regional expertise and vast network, CPG can conduct large-scale surveys for our stakeholders and enable our partners to obtain first-hand insights and meta-data with respect to envisioned opportunities.

Program evaluation and design by experts

Project Assessment

If you are interested to fund, assess, or complete a project, CPG offers its services to evaluate your project according to the usual standards (OECD guidelines, RBM). Please note that we are focusing on projects that are related to law, governance, and humanitarian issues, and preferably will be conducted in the Southeast Asia region.
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Assessing projects from start to end

Political Forecast & Security Projection

A major part of our consultancy services pertains to political forecasting and security projections for the region. CPG continuously analyses the political situation and current security scenarios throughout Southeast Asia, albeit with a selective scope.

We routinely assist state agencies and business enterprises within the limits of our available resources. For state agencies in Thailand and in the region our services are offered free of charge.

Security projections for Southeast Asia