Services for Scholars

Besides offering a broad range of platforms for scholars in form of academic events, joint research projects and exchange with foreign scholars and experts, CPG provides a number of other services for scholars.

CPG conducts and manages research projects, and provides numerous publications. At the same time, we consider the promotion and support of academics and scholars as a vital part of our mission. Therefore, we provide advice and assistance for big and small research projects, no matter whether they are legal, political, historical, or empirical in nature. More information below:

Research Skills & Projects

CPG trains and advises young academics to enhance their research skills and to bring it into accordance with academic ethics and international standards. In this regard, we offer ad-hoc advice, courses and tutorials on legal methodology, academic writing, and correct citing.

We also provide advice and support to plan and prepare research proposals or grant applications, including the feasibility of research agendas and schedules. This advice and support greatly increases the chances for successful completion and publication with respectable publishing companies. We also establish contacts to public authorities, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders in Thailand, Germany and Southeast Asia.

We particularly seek to support young scholars and researchers at the beginning of their career to help them enter the academic arena successfully.

Assistance with research project design and implementation

Support for young academics

Resource Access & Empirical Studies

Due to our vast network of public and private stakeholders, we are able to provide access to valuable background information, and also join and support empirical studies.

CPG conduct surveys with the support of analytical software enabling us to draw pertinent conclusions, and we support scholars and researchers in their empirical research projects. For example, we might help with the design of survey questionnaires that produce utilizable results, and provide access to our network of cooperation partners to address the survey to as many relevant stakeholders as possible. We offer the opportunity to discuss conclusions to be drawn and might assist in finding opportunities for publication of the research paper.

Support with empirical research

Research Connectivity & Local Research

CPG has developed, and constantly expands an extensive network of stakeholders in diverse fields of work, and is committed to share opportunities, provide knowledge, and facilitate interview opportunities, access to publicly or privately held information, or attendance at pertinent meetings and conferences. We hope to, thereby, contribute to a fruitful exchange between academics as well as academia and the professional world.

Facilitating academic and professional networking


CPG offers a variety of venues for publication that might be of value to scholars. In this respect we offer opportunities for peer reviewed publication. We generally conduct own editorial work and language editing services by native speakers.

CPG publishes its own series of books, the ‘CPG Series of Comparative Constitutional Law, Politics and Governance’ with NOMOS, the ‘European-Asian Journal of Law & Governance’ (EAJLG) and the ‘CPG Online Magazine’ (COM). For submissions, please refer to the information about these publications on our website or contact us.

Link: CPG Series of Comparative Constitutional Law, Politics and Governance

Link: European-Asian Journal of Law & Governance

Link: CPG Online Magazine

Moreover, CPG maintains relations to publishing companies and university press publishers, most of them located in Germany. We are committed to assist scholars and researchers with their publication efforts and help establishing contacts in this regard.

Support with publishing research in books and journals

Contacts to Germany

CPG is constantly facilitating academic exchanges. To this end, we are especially interested in supporting foreign scholars and alumni to establish, maintain, or deepen academic or professional contact to Germany, especially in the fields of law and governance.

This exchange facilitation pertains not only to Southeast Asia but also to South Asia and North-East Asia as well. Our institutional network enables us to establish academic contacts with our cooperating universities as well as other academic institutions in Germany.

Link: Thammasat University, Faculty of Law

Link: Goethe University Frankfurt, Faculty of Law

Link: University of Münster, Faculty of Law

Link: Passau University, Faculty of Law

We are constantly facilitating research stays of Asian scholars in Germany by providing scholarships, providing support to find accommodation, and establishing academic contacts.

Likewise, we support to establish contact to other German institutions such as judicial and political institutions.

Academic and professional contacts to Germany