Governance & Compliance

Our Governance & Compliance work focuses on the processes and structures conducive to the integrity and efficiency of any organization, public or private.

We pursue a multidisciplinary approach integrating a broad range of perspectives and experiences to assess, train, and assist in implementing governance and compliance structures.

In terms of compliance, our current focus is on two central challenges vital to a broad range of organizations, government bureaucracies as well as business enterprises. This is the phenomenon of corruption, including the struggle against it and the challenge of cross-cultural compliance in diverse cultural environments.

We closely cooperate in our compliance efforts with the Viadrina Compliance Center (Europe University Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder) and the Compliance Academy in Münster.

In terms of governance, we are interested in the study of the legal frameworks and organizational structures of local/provincial administration, national-level bureaucracies, the police, and the military.

Link: Viadrina Compliance Center 

Link: Compliance Academy

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Bribery and anti-corruption
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Compliance in the public and private sector
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The Viadrina Compliance Center in Frankfurt/Oder