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About CPG's Mediation Center (CMC)

Our Activities & Services

Grounded in both academia and practice, we aim at leveraging interdisciplinary insights, professional experiences and our professional network to contribute to the promotion and advancement of mediation in Asia.

Facilitation of Mediation Services

If requested, the CMC seeks to provide qualified mediators through its professional network to conflict parties. If you want to request our assistance to find suitable mediators, please reach out via our contact form.

Teaching & Training

To foster professional education in mediation, the CMC offers various training programs both for aspiring mediators as well as experienced professionals. Our training programs are taught by experienced mediators and conducted both online and on-site.

For training modules and recent programs check out here.


Grounded in academia, we aim at leveraging interdisciplinary knowledge and research of related sciences to contribute to the advancement of mediation. This involves for instance utilizing insights from communication theory, cultural studies, and psychology regarding the development of conflict dynamics, communication in conflict situations, and cross-cultural communication.


The CMC serves as a professional platform and forum for convening stakeholders, facilitating dialogue, fostering collaboration and disseminating knowledge on mediation. In particular, the CMC regularly organizes events like seminars, lectures, and conferences bringing together experts, practitioners, and stakeholders from diverse backgrounds in Asia and beyond to discuss emerging trends, challenges, and innovations in conflict resolution.

For past and future events check out here.

Advocacy & Policy Development

As an advocate of mediation in Asia and convinced that strengthening mediation serves the rule of law, foreign investment and a more peaceful society, the CMC promotes knowledge on mediation and policies that contribute to a normative and infrastructural environment favorable for the recourse to mediation in conflict resolution.

For information and policy papers seek out here.

Focal Areas of Interest

Beyond the general interest in all practical and theoretical issues concerning mediation, the CMC currently pursues a particular interest in three major thematic complexes, the first two of which are partially interconnected. These are:


  • Cross-Border and Cross-Cultural Mediation;
  • ESG- and supply chain related conflicts; and
  • Political Conflict Mediation.

People & Partner

Henning Glaser

CMC Head

Lucas Meier

CMC Deputy-Head

Dr Duc Quang Ly

Venus Phuangkom

CMC Distinguished Expert Panel

Comprised of esteemed scholars, practitioners, and thought leaders in the field of conflict resolution, the distinguished expert panel provides valuable advice and support to the CMC and serves as a core of the CMC´s pool of recommended mediators.