Career Opportunities


In a rapidly changing world, CPG’s work as a nonpartisan academic institute and think tank is more important than ever. We are a small team of open and thoughtful individuals, with the shared purpose of delivering independent thinking and talent development.

CPG offers a variety of research and business operations opportunities for professionals whose backgrounds can range from a bachelor’s degree with limited work experience to a doctoral degree with related research experience.

Within our publications, Asia in Review and Europe in Review, we offer opportunities for both editorial and non-editorial volunteering roles, making significant contributions to the benefit of our readers, contributors, and partners.

We also offer tertiary students and recent graduates from a diverse range of backgrounds the opportunity to take part in a dynamic internship program that provides hands-on experience.

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To be considered for volunteering, internship, or legal clerkship positions at CPG, all applications must be submitted through this form. Applications submitted through other channels will not be reviewed. For questions or if your application falls strictly outside the scope of this form, please contact us at Thank you for your understanding.

Equal-Opportunity Employer: It is CPG’s policy to provide equal employment opportunities for all of its employees and applicants without regard to their sex, race, age, disability, religion, national origin, color, or any other protected class.


Current vacancies


We currently do not have any open positions available. However, we encourage you to keep an eye on this sector, as opportunities may come in the future.




Within our publications, Asia in Review and Europe in Review, we offer opportunities for editorial volunteering roles, making significant contributions to the benefit of our readers, contributors, and partners.

Volunteers who successfully complete their volunteering period with Asia in Review and Europe in Review will receive a certificate that acknowledges their success. In addition to this, we are also able to issue a certificate that is equivalent to an internship certificate upon completion of the volunteering period.

These opportunities are unpaid and remain available year-round. For more details, please click on the roles below.


Europe in Review Volunteering Program

Europe in Review Contributor

Asia in Review Volunteering Program

Asia in Review Contributor


  Legal Clerkships


CPG invites anyone with an interest in European and Constitutional Law to apply for a meaningful legal clerkship. A clerkship at CPG provides a challenging yet extremely rewarding work experience in which you will develop skills necessary for your legal practice as well as forge foundational professional relationships.

Click here for more information on CPG Legal Clerkship.




Interested in spending a term working at CPG? Our various internships provide opportunities for tertiary students and recent graduates from diverse backgrounds to develop their research skills. We also consider candidates who are interested in exploring a career change to the intersecting field of law and politics.

Internships are open to local and international students.

Interested applicants will work in one of our programs listed further below: Research & Publication and Communications & Engagement. You are welcome to specify which program interests you, but applicants will be considered for all programs.

Please note that until further notice, all internships are currently delivered as a wholly virtual experience only.

Types and lengths of internships

To suit your skills, abilities, and career interests, we have crafted two different roles – Research & Publication and Communications & Engagement – each of which allows you to get involved with different aspects of our activities and may help you reach particular learning goals.

You are welcome to specify which program interests you, but applicants will be considered for both programs.

Internships may vary in length but should last at least 3 months. Working hours are flexible to accommodate other obligations, and applicants who can intern at CPG for at least 20 hours per week and up to 40 hours per week are encouraged to apply.

In addition to the regular internships, interested applicants also have the opportunity to complete a Short-Term Internship (on-site) with us.

Research and Publication Intern

CPG’s primary goal is the production and support of high-quality research. We conduct research in the fields of law and politics both individually and together with our CPG Research Fellows and scholars from various universities and governmental institutions.

Under the direct supervision of one of our scholars, you will work on a research project which we endeavor to base on your capabilities, preferences, and the skills needed for the work. While specific tasks depend on the project, they may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Preparing research briefings, including compiling and highlighting articles on multiple subjects, uncovering fresh angles and points of interest.
  • Preparing and conducting interviews and surveys.
  • Keeping abreast of regional developments and events pertaining to CPG’s research activities.
  • Independently organizing and hosting an event related to the research project.
  • Present research findings in a public or semi-public meeting.

Students who would like to apply for this type of internship should be willing to work at least 20 hours per week (approximately 3 days) or more.

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Communication & Engagement Intern

You will work under the guidance of our PR officer on a variety of tasks that are critical to our digital and public outreach strategy. Depending on your skills, specific tasks may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Researching topics for content building for our digital platforms. This will be done independently and collaboratively with other team members.
  • Creating engaging videos, graphics, newsletters, and reporting documents.
  • Participating in strategy meetings, interviews, roundtable discussions.
  • Supporting the organization of CPG meetings and events, such as webinars and conferences.

Students who would like to apply for this type of internship should be willing to work at least 20 hours per week (approximately 3 days) or more.

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Short-Term Intern

We understand that travel and internships are two things that many students aspire to cross of their checklist before entering the professional world. Interested students with a reduced time commitment therefore also have the opportunity to complete a short-term, four-weeks internship with us.

This internship is particularly suitable for foreign students who want to go abroad, get to know Thailand, and make new experiences, all the while learning skills that will boost their employability.

Please note that due to the relative brevity of the internship, tasks may be assigned on a flexible basis, depending on the intern’s skills and interests, and CPG’s current needs (for example, if we anticipate undertaking a large project that will require intern assistance).

Students who would like to apply for this type of internship should cover 40 hours a week (on-site internship).

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To qualify for an internship, you should either be currently enrolled in, or be a recent graduate of (within the past 12 months), an undergraduate or graduate-level university program.

We encourage students from all academic disciplines to apply, and will consider extracurricular activities, academic standing and work experience when selecting candidates to interview.

It is not expected that all applicants will possess a strong understanding of CPG’s areas of research. However, a genuine interest in working with us, and the willingness to learn, will be critical. 


General Terms of internships


Leave: Interns will accrue leaves at a rate of 1.5 days per month and will be granted off-days on public holidays observed by Thai government agencies. Exceptional leave arrangements are subject to CPG’s schedule and workload.

Compensation: Internships are non-remunerated. Thus, interns need to obtain financing for subsistence and make own arrangements for internship, travel, visa, accommodation, etc. Assistance regarding visa and accommodation will be provided.

Funding opportunities: While these positions are unpaid, students who apply for the internship position may also qualify for a scholarship through funding initiatives such as the European Union’s Erasmus+ program and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Learning Goals: At the start of the internship, the supervisor and intern create a list of learning goals the intern hopes to complete. The learning goals serve as the academic and professional roadmap for the intern’s time with CPG.

Internship Verification and Evaluation: At the end of your internship, you must submit a Post Internship Evaluation form provided by the Human Resource Manager, which confirms the end of your internship. In most cases, an evaluation of the internship is not completed, but it can be compiled if necessary. Your supervisor(s) will evaluate you, and you will receive a letter of verification and evaluation within a month of completing your internship with us.


Application Process


Applications must be submitted via email along with the three required documents, according to the category you wish to apply for.


Required documents:

  • A cover letter setting out briefly the candidate’s interest in our internship program and the suitability for the position. The letter must also include applicant’s school, graduation year, degree program and major.
  • A curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Please also attach a portrait photograph to your application.
  • Applications must be MS Word or PDF attachments and should use the title of the internship program in the subject header.

If you are not residing in Thailand, assistance regarding visa and accommodation will be provided. Our team is also happy to advice you on cultural issues and leisure opportunities in Bangkok and Thailand and anything else you are eager to know.


CPG is an equal opportunity employer. Employment selection and related decisions are made without regard to sex, race, age, disability, religion, national origin, color or any other protected class. 



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Application process

    • Are there deadlines or closing dates for applications?

    We accept applications and extend offers on a rolling basis. Interested applicants are kindly asked to indicate the timeframe of their availability in their application.

    • Who do I address my cover letter to?

    Please address the cover letter to “Mr. Henning Glaser“, Director of CPG or “Ms. Venus Phuangkom”, Event/Human Resource Manager

    During the internship

    • Can I switch from one internship category to another during my internship?

    Yes, this is possible.

    • What is the work like?

    We work in small, focused teams – generally you will work with one or two members of our team. The work is intellectually challenging and extremely varied.

    What is the culture like?

    • CPG has a very short hierarchical chain. All team members are generous with their time in helping to develop colleagues and improving the quality of our work. Being a relatively small organization, we like to share our work and learnings with colleagues in regular informal presentations.