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Exploring Asia in Review

As the world’s center of gravity is shifting towards the Indo-Pacific, keeping up to date with important events and critical trends, both in Asia and further afield, has never been more taxing, or more important. A broad range of stakeholders — including government entities, international organizations, and corporate boards and departments — are increasingly requesting a reliable, comprehensive but concise source of news and analysis. This need spans an array of interconnected areas such as domestic governance and politics, constitutional affairs, human rights, national security, international relations, geopolitics, and regional order.

As an independent newsletter, Asia in Review continuously monitors a spectrum of news outlets, government publications, and social media to deliver a thorough summary of all significant developments in individual countries and their broader regional context. Our ambition is to serve as the definitive source for anyone seeking to be fully informed on South Asia, Southeast Asia, and East Asia – without the need to consult multiple channels.

Discover more about Asia in Review by visiting https://cpg-online.de/cpgs-asia-in-review/


Asia in Review Editorial and Management Team

  • Editor-in-Chief
  • Deputy Editors-in-Chief
  • Head of Managing Unit for Asia in Review and Europe in Review
  • Volunteers (Asia in Review Contributors for editorial and Managing Unit Volunteers for management)


Contributing to Asia in Review


Working with Asia in Review is a voluntary, fully virtual commitment. Moreover, if you are a university student who needs to complete a mandatory internship as part of your studies, your contributions to Asia in Review can be officially certified as an internship with CPG. In such cases, upon request and at the initiative of the applicant, CPG can liaise directly with the university to facilitate the necessary documentation.


The Asia in Review Contributor role involves two crucial roles: Writer and Researcher. The specific position assigned to each contributor is determined by the interests and qualifications of the applicant and the needs of the Asia in Review.

Asia in Review Writer: As an Asia in Review Writer, your main responsibility is to research, conceptualize, and write concise and comprehensive articles on all the events and developments in an assigned country(ies). After submitting your work to the editorial team for review, you will make any necessary revisions and resubmit it for publication within the submission schedule below.

Asia in Review Submission Schedule for Publication Cycle: All volunteers are expected to meet the predetermined timeline within the cycle. *Please be aware that the hours within the deadlines may be subject to change based on requirements.

Asia in Review Researcher: As an Asia in Review Researcher your primary task is to provide the writers of the assigned country(ies) with information material that can be translated into articles. Please be aware that this position requires you to work closely with the writers in such a way that they can meet the submission deadlines above.


Determining Country Allocation for Asia in Review Contributorsutors

Asia in Review relies on two factors to determine country allocation for volunteers: the volunteer’s preferred country(ies)/ region(s) and the needs of the Asia in Review.


The Benefits of Getting Involved

By joining our team, you can expect to receive the following benefits:

  • Guidance from working professionals / regional experts.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of Asia, including its domestic and regional dynamics.
  • Develop the ability to “connect the dots” between single incidents and learn how to read between the lines of political and legal developments.
  • The ability to critically engage with various types of sources and to evaluate them.
  • Enhance English writing skills by delivering coverage of complex developments in a structured and concise manner.

Volunteers who successfully complete their term with Asia in Review will be presented with a certificate acknowledging their achievements. Moreover, we can also provide an internship certificate for those who complete their volunteering period.


Requirements for the Role

Language and Communication Skills:

  • Proficient in written English.
  • Effective communication skills, both with team members and the editorial team.

Knowledge and Interest:

  • Basic understanding of and strong interest in political and legal developments in Asia.

Research and Time Management Abilities:

  • Ability to conduct independent research and stay informed about political and legal developments in various countries.
  • Proficient in time management, with a strong ability to meet deadlines.


Weekly Hourly Commitment

At Asia in Review, we don’t specify a set number of hours for volunteers to dedicate to the project. Our objective with the newsletter is to provide our readers with comprehensive coverage of all relevant developments and events within our thematic focus.

This means that the workload can vary from week to week depending on the volume of content and the complexity of certain developments. There may be weeks where more time is required to achieve our goal of providing thorough coverage, while other weeks may be less busy. Moreover, the actual workload can also be influenced by individual factors such as writing skills, language proficiency, and the ability to make connections between different pieces of information.

However, applicants should bring a realistic understanding of the commitment that will likely be needed for the key responsibilities and the working routine of an Asia in Review contributor:

  • Identify and cultivate pertinent sources related to your assigned country(ies).
  • Daily review of all sources within your news repertoire, adding relevant information to a designated story agenda file.
  • Establish a structured working routine enabling consistent conceptualization and writing of entries within the submission schedule.
  • Coordinate with fellow contributors on articles concerning bilateral/ multilateral developments.


Minimum Duration

Volunteers must commit to a minimum of four months, but we highly encourage those who can stay longer.


Probationary Period

Nevertheless, applicants should possess a realistic understanding of the commitment required for a publication like Asia in Review. To facilitate this, we set a mandatory two-week probationary period where individuals can gauge the actual commitment needed to contribute to our newsletter. This period also allows us to assess whether an applicant aligns well with our team. Please note that this is an unpaid volunteer position.


Discovering Asia in Review and Its Producers

Behind Asia in Review is the German-Southeast Asian Center of Excellence for Public Policy and Good Governance (CPG), in partnership with the Asian Governance Foundation.

CPG is a reputable academic institution and think tank connected to the Faculty of Law of Thammasat University in Bangkok. It is one of only five Centers of Excellence created worldwide since 2009 under the Excellence Initiative of the German Federal Government, built upon a three-party cooperation between the German universities of Frankfurt and Münster and Thammasat University. CPG is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and receives administrative support from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

The CPG’s areas of expertise include comparative constitutional and administrative law, human rights, peace and security studies, governance and compliance, as well as law and policy reform. They organize seminars, conferences, training courses and workshops, project evaluation, and consultation services to the public and other interested parties through their members and partners.

Discover more about CPG by visiting https://cpg-online.de/home/about-cpg/

Click here to download the PDF version of the Terms of Reference.

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