CPG Internship Opportunity

RESPONSIBILITIES and TASKS (for Communication intern): 

  • Use CPG’s existing field notes and video content to produce short-form videos or animations, create graphics for social posts, or perhaps record a podcast episode.
  • As our communication intern, you will bring CPGs research and events to the world through words, pictures, motion, and storytelling.
  • You’ll have the run of our platforms and channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, email, and beyond under the supervision of PR Officer.
  • Help our team with the conception and conduct of conferences, work-shops and in-house seminars.

RESPONSIBILITIES and TASKS (for Asia in Review aka. AiR Contributors): 

Asia in Review (AiR) is a free and weekly news review of recent happenings in Southeast Asia, East Asia and South Asia. We gather and share the most important developments with you, in case you missed some. It is published in cooperation with the Asian Governance Foundation.

Asia in Review contains references to online newspapers, journals and blogs. It covers reporting, background analyses, opinion pieces and comments in law and politics, international relations and security.

AiR contributors will be responsible for regular contribution of content to our newsletter. In keeping with established mission and purpose of the newsletter, contributors are responsible for updating, researching and writing; news articles on assigned Southeast Asian countries; submitting them to editor for revision; making edit as necessary; and resubmitting to the Editor for online posting within the pre-determined timeline. Contributors are also responsible for promoting newsletter and encouraging reader feedback.


If you are interested, please send your CV and Statement of Purpose  (SOP) to:  careers@cpg-online.de


Internships are non-remunerated. The applicant has to ensure that he or she has sufficient funds and support for travel, accommodation and daily living expenses.