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CPG Events November-December 2017

Colloquium “Reflexions on the Voyages to Europe of King Chulalongkorn”


International Seminar “Death Penalty or Abolition: International Trends and Perspectives”


International Conference “Good Policing and Police Reform in Thai and International Perspectives”


International Conference “Business and Human Rights Compliance – Challenges and Trends”


CPG’s Young Leader Workshop: Homelessness – Challenges and Avenues for Redress


Special Event and Book Launch in Honour of Dr. Warawit Kanithasen, “Democracy, Constitution, and Human Rights”


CPG Alumni Seminar “Looking Back at 2017: Geopolitics & Regional Order – European & Asian Perspectives”


Book Review: Glaser, Henning (ed) (2017): Talking to the Enemy: Deradicalization and Disengagement of Terrorists



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