CPG Online Magazine 04/2016

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Integrated Maritime Security Cooperation in South-East Asia

Many thanks to CPG Senior Research Fellow Prof. Dr. Jan Asmussen from the Institute of Social Science, University of Kiel for his invaluable insights shared during the special lecture titled “Integrated Maritime Security Cooperation in South-East Asia” on April 4,...

Philippines hopes US history won’t repeat itself, again

On April 11, United States President Joe Biden, Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, and Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. will convene in Washington, DC, for their inaugural tripartite summit—a meeting that comes amidst mounting concerns over China's...

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CPG Events May-June 2016

Workshop “Thai-German Cooperation – the Roles of German Political Foundations in Thailand”

Seminar “The South China Sea – Current Issues and Future Prospects

CPG Summer School 2016

Special Lecture “Thailändischer Konstitutionalismus – Grundlagen, Entwicklungen und Perspektiven”

Seminar “The ASEAN Economic Community Road Map – Perspectives on Realities, Challenges, and Prospects after Six Months of the AEC”

Seminar on International Business Law

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Summary of the Thai Constitutional Court Decision on the Referendum Act 201

Lifestyle around Thammasat University: Roof top bars


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