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Europe in Review

In the intricate and ever-changing landscape of today’s global politics, the need for a single, comprehensive source reporting on the events shaping the world’s principal regions has never been more pressing.

To address this demand, Europe in Review (EiR) continuously monitors a spectrum of news outlets, government publications and social media to deliver a thorough summary of all significant developments in more than forty European countries and the European governance architecture.

The regional focus of EiR is broadly conceived, comprising the European Union and its member states, as well as countries seen as forming the European periphery, including Russia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan. Entries therefore focus on domestic as well as European issues including related perspectives on issues of global concern.

Our ambition is to serve as the definitive source for anyone seeking to be fully informed, without the need to consult multiple channels.

Behind Europe in Review

Operationally, EiR is an independent publisher, with editorial centres in Warsaw and at CPG. These working professionals are supported by a team of editors, volunteers, and contributors, who contribute remotely from locations across the world.

The platform is maintained by CPG in cooperation with the Asian Governance Foundation (‘AGF’).

Editorial Team


Henning Glaser (hg)


Deputy Editors-in-Chief:

Glen Carey (gc), Peter Kononczuk (pk)



Aimee Rae (ar), Anna Lavery (al), Ann-Charlotte Neumann (acn), Caleb Klubben (cqk), Duc Quang Ly (dql), Eric Kliszcz (ek), Florian Gareis (fg), Harmia Amadi (ha), Isobel Knight (ik), Jacob Smith (js), Joss Thomas (jt), Katherine Mansfield (km), Lucas Meier (lm), Maria Rusu (mr), Morten Strantzen (ms), Nydia Ndam Carrillo (nbnc), Quentin Vidberg (qv), Rex Wempen (rw), Rohini Singh (rs), Sophie Riordan (sr), Venus Phuangkom, Vincenzo Marino (vm), Warren O’Broin (wb), Yi-Ting Lo (yl)


Managing Staffs:

Aye Moe Pwint Phyu, Venus Phuangkom