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Depending on the class level, our teachers use a variety of course books and workbooks following.

CPG can assist with the purchase of the book(s) (upon request), however delivery time is dependent on a shipping company that usually delivers from abroad.


A 1

A 1.1  Menschen A1 Chapter 1-12

A 1.2   Menschen A1 Chapter 13-24


A 2

A 2.1  Menschen A2 Chapter 1-12

A 2.2   Menschen A2 Chapter 13-24


B 1

B 1.1  Menschen B1 Chapter 1-12

B 1.2  Menschen B1 Chapter 13-24

B 2

B 2.1  Sicher B 2 Chapter 1-6

B 2.2  Sicher B 2 Chapter 7-12


C 1

C 1.1  Sicher C1 Chapter 1-6

C 1.2  Sicher C1 Chapter 7-12


Buy a Book

Online Learning Application



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