We are pleased to share that Henning Glaser, Director of CPG, has contributed an article titled “Thailand: Difficult compromises, social fractures, and the quest for economic renewal” to the book “L’Asie du Sud-Est 2024, bilan, enjeux et perspectives” (Southeast Asia 2024: Assessment, Challenges, and Prospects) published by our colleagues at the Institute for Research on Contemporary Southeast Asia (Irasec) in Bangkok.

This book offers a detailed analysis of the major political, economic, social, environmental, and diplomatic events of 2023 across the eleven countries in the Southeast Asian region. It delves into the nuances of Southeast Asian affairs and includes insights into key developments, along with highlighting notable personalities of the year. Additionally, the book features four thematic dossiers addressing regional issues such as the Chinese yuan policy, MERCOSUR-ASEAN relations, individual aid initiatives, and online scam centers in the Philippines and Myanmar.

You can access the digital version of the book here: https://www.irasec.com/IMG/pdf/ase2024-fac-simile.pdf