CPG’s Academies 2022


CPG’s Academies 2022

In keeping with its mission to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and ideas between Europe and Southeast Asia, CPG regularly organizes academies on

  • German Public Law & the Constitutional System,
  • Migration and Displacement – Concepts, Realities, Management,
  • Human Rights

These academies combine lecture, classes, and workshop components. Lectures are usually presented by an academic (the course leader or leaders) and are, in general, a listening and note-taking exercise. Classes present an opportunity to work through problem sets or case studies, present papers and discuss them, and to discuss the previous lecture with a class teacher and classmates.

Each academy also offers a daily discussion forum, giving you the opportunity to share ideas with other participants, pose questions and explore the subject further. They are taught by renowned scholars and experienced practitioners, all of them experts in their respective fields.

Every academy is a truly international program, regularly attracting a diverse range of people from all over the world. The majority of participants are currently studying at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, alongside a number of professionals from a range of business sectors.

Each academy offers an intensive program of postgraduate-level study and potential applicants should therefore be confident that they are academically and linguistically prepared for such a program.

Participants are expected to:

  • undertake preparatory reading before each class,
  • attend all seminar sessions and lectures, and
  • be actively engaged with their seminar topics.




Academy on

Human rights

November 14-18, 2022


Academy on

German Public Law and the German Political and Constitutional System

October 17 – 21, 2022


Academy on

German Public Law & the Constitutional System

March 28 – April 8, 2022


Academy on

Migration and Displacement – Concepts, Realities, Management

May 9-19, 2022


Academy on

Human Rights

August 16-26, 2022



All students who satisfactorily complete an academy will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance. To qualify for this, students are required to attend at least 90% of lectures and seminars to the satisfaction of the course tutors. The certificate will list your name, the dates of the academy and the modules you have attended.

Moving online in 2022


To provide an opportunity to gain comprehensive, cutting-edge knowledge in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to take some of the best features of our academies online and offer them in a new, financially accessible format that allows participation from both Europe and Asia.

Live attendance of seminar classes will be necessary, and we will try and schedule these compulsory live classes in the morning and afternoon to include both time zones.

Lectures can be accessed live and as recordings to allow an opportunity for revision and to help mitigate against connectivity issues.


To help the organizer with selecting only those seriously committed to the courses, a moderate fee will be charged:

German Public Law & the German Constitutional System: Free

Migration and Displacement – Concepts, Realities, Management: tbc

Human Rights: tbc

This covers access to online materials, videos and content, access to live classes, break-out sessions and each Academy’s extra-curricular events.

We are delighted to offer a small number of partly & fully funded places for each Academy.

Other Academies

CPG also offers specially tailored academies and “Academies on Demand”, covering topics such as


  • German and European Law, Politics, and History;
  • Criminal Law & Procedure in Comparative Perspectives;
  • International Law & Governance;
  • Leadership & Geostrategy;
  • Security & Development;
  • Conflicts & Violence, Terrorism, Peacebuilding, and Negotiation; and
  • “Movie Seminars” on historical or contemporary movies pertaining to topics relevant for CPG.




Our Past Academies




Stay tuned!

Further information on the course structure of the three Academies and the application process will be announced soon.
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