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Test Date: 19.Oct.2024

Registration Deadline: 12.Sep.2024

Test Format/Venue: Only the paper-based format is available at CPG, and the test will be held at the Faculty of Law, Thammasat University (Tha Prachan).

Application: To apply, please register on the TestAS website listed below and follow the application and payment instructions given by the TestAS centre.


We’re delighted to introduce you to TestAS, a standardized testing service designed specifically for international students aspiring to study at universities in Germany. TestAS serves as a vital tool in your academic journey, offering a fair and comprehensive assessment of your academic aptitude and cognitive abilities.

Whether you’re planning to pursue studies in natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, or technology, TestAS provides a reliable measure of your readiness for higher education. By taking the test, you’ll not only showcase your academic potential but also gain valuable insights into your strengths and areas for improvement.

TestAS is committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all applicants, regardless of their educational backgrounds or cultural origins. Our test format and content are carefully crafted to provide a level playing field for students from diverse academic systems worldwide.

To embark on this exciting chapter of your academic journey, we encourage you to explore in detailed TestAS to help you prepare effectively and confidently.





What is TestAS?

TestAS is a standardized test designed for international students who wish to study at universities in Germany. The test assesses the academic aptitude and cognitive abilities of students from diverse educational backgrounds. It helps German universities evaluate the potential of applicants by providing a standardized measure of their academic skills.

TestAS covers various subject areas, including Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Humanities, and Social Sciences. It consists of multiple-choice questions and is divided into three main sections:

The test consists of a Core Test and one of four Subject-Specific Modules:

– Economics

– Engineering

– Humanities, Cultural Studies and Social Sciences

– Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences

The results of TestAS provide universities with valuable information about the academic potential of applicants, especially those whose educational backgrounds may differ from the German education system. It helps universities make informed decisions during the admission process and supports international students in their pursuit of higher education in Germany.

What are the benefits of TestAS?

  • Test takers get to know the typical requirements of the subject they want to study.
  • The TestAS result enables applicants to realistically assess their chances of successfully completing their studies at a German university.
  • The university can select the candidates who best fulfil the requirements for a subject.


Please verify whether TestAS is a prerequisite for admission to your chosen field of study at the university’s website or through the International Office before submitting an application.

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