UN and ASEAN Mechanisms & Conditions for a National Plan on Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance

1-2 March 2011, Novotel on Siam Square, Bangkok


March 1, 2011:

FIRST SESSION: International and regional framework and mechanisms of disaster management

First Panel: UN – Framework of Disaster Management

Nidhirat Srisirirojanakorn, Humanitarian Affairs Analyst, United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA)

“OSLO Guidelines and Draft APC-MADRO”

Arghya Sinha Roy, Programme Manager Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC)

“Hyogo Framework for Action in Asia Pacific”

Second Panel: ASEAN – Framework of Disaster Management

Dr. Suriya Chindawongse, ASEAN 1 Division, Department of ASEAN, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Thailand

“ASEAN Mechanisms: AADMER, AHA Centre and SASOP”

Colonel Tossaporn Homcharoen, Deputy Director, Office of Policy and Strategy, Office of Policy and Planning, Ministry of Defence, Kingdom of Thailand

ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting”


“Opportunities and Challenges of International Disaster Management Framework in Relation to the ASEAN Provided Framework


March 2, 2011:

SECOND SESSION: national framework and mechanism of disaster management

First Panel: State Centered Mechanisms of Disaster Management

Lecturer Henning Glaser, Thammasat University, Faculty of Law

“Benefits and Aspects of an Advanced National Disaster Management Plan under Military Guidance”

Adthaporn Singhawichai, Director of Research and International Cooperation Bureau, Department of Disaster                Prevention and Mitigation, Ministry of Interior, Kingdom of Thailand

“National Disaster Management Structures and links to  ASEAN Mechanisms”

Colonel Saniroj Thaumayos, Royal Thai Armed Forces Colonel Prutpan Pantoopo, Royal Thai Army

Captain Chesta Jaipiam, Royal Thai Navy

Group Captain Tanehtsak Wudhapitak, M.D., Royal Thai Air force

“Defence Mechanisms on Disaster Management: Experiences from the Royal Thai Military”

Second Panel: CSO Centered Mechanisms of Disaster Management

Sanjeeb K. Shakya, PHE Coordinator, Public Health in Emergencies (PHE), Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC)

“Exercise Management – A Tool for Capacity Development”

Prasarn Sathansathit, Raks Thai Foundations

“Experiences of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)”

Dr. Wilfried A. Hermann, Human Development Forum Foundation

“Experiences of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)”

Thapani Eiatsrichai, Assistant Editor and Field Journalist, TV Channel 3

Sravood Mardtong, Super Star

“Experiences of TV Media”


“Challenges and Changes in Developing and Implementing the National Plan”